Dr. Sofia Beloka is an Executive Performance Consultant, an Academic in Exercise Physiologist Ph.D., High-Performance Healer creating leaders who desire to influence at their fullest potential serving the globe through their professional and personal records.

The Global Influencers Academy, a groundbreaking professional development in leadership performance, is the culmination of Sofia’s career in Academics as Exercise Physiologist, specializing in High-Performance under stress and chronic pain, working with Olympic and Paralympic Elite Athletes and her experience among the most global, very complex, demanding and multicultural companies of the world delivering world-class policies and events.

Sofia has been working with high performers leaders, politicians, elite athletes, coaches & healers to transform their lives for over 20 years through her transformational mentoring: The Triad Foundation. After years working in companies and in entrepreneurship, in big teams, and with private clients, she concluded that the difference between a Silver and a Gold record are very specific details that make the difference when the patterns are broken. The same goes for a world-class company and an elite executive or influential leader. This is why she teaches this groundbreaking method in both groups workshops and also in 1:1 coaching programs and helped high achievers transform and leap in their health, transform their business, financial challenges, and relationships by growing their leadership potentials to dimensions they could not even imagine.


She healed her own autoimmune pathology using these methods transforming her personal and professional life and has since gone on to serve people experiencing challenges that sabotage their Gold Medal potentials in life.

Her clients hire her to investigate the pattern that leads them to hit their glass-ceiling keeping them away from the 1% Gold class of their Global stage. Physical performance (financial-health-relationship-business issues) fails many leaders just before the top of their next success. Through her long research and academic background in Exercise Science, Physiology, Behavioral Mentoring, Personal Development, Leadership Marketing, International Coaching, Speaking, Publishing and her involvement with the Paralympic Sports and Paralympic Games, she leads you into a life-changing experience to lead and influence globally.

Sofia’s work has been awarded among the 100 most Inspirational Women of the world by the ‘Women Appreciate Women’, and is included in the Global Library of Female Authors (TGLFA) and has been recognized as a keynote speaker, awards, and scholarships. Her work has landed publications in highly scientific journals and books, she has been collaborating with the European Commission, Harvard University, Olympic, and Paralympic Organizing Committees, is European Commissioner for the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation.

Sofia is blessed to have been traveling the world through her work, speaks 8 languages and loves to communicate with cultural experiences. Sofia is Greek and with her Italian husband when not traveling are based in the European capital of Brussels.


Academic Background

  • PhD in Exercise Physiology, ULB, Brussels, Belgium
  • Post Doc in Cardiovascular Lifestyle, KU Leuven Belgium
  • Elite Academy of CHEK Institute, San Diego, USA
    MSc in Sport
  • Management, Solvay Business School, Brussels, Belgium
  • MSc in Adapted Physical Activity, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • BSc in Exercise Science and Physical Activity, Greece

Advanced Trainings

  • C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level II (C.H.E.K institute, California, USA)
  • C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III (C.H.E.K institute, California, USA)
  • Hippocrates Nutrition Lifestyle Coach (Hippocrates Health Institute, Miami, USA)
  • Holistic Health and Performance for Women, USA
  • Prenatal Nutrition for Health and Happiness, USA
  • CrossFit Trainer L1, USA
  • Reiki Practitioner, Belgium
  • Hypopressive Abdominal Exercise, Belgium
  • Swedish Massage, Belgium
  • Fungal & Parasite Infections, CHEK Inst, USA

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