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Loveception participants get out of the first session and wonder:

"What just happened?"

They get ready to see their lives changing.

This is a hands-on practical application to help you solve CHALLENGES for you or for those who MATTER to you on permanent level:

❌ Don't happen with small steps and habits
❌ Do not happen by accident
❌ Do not happen with the hard work that burns you out

BUT with Holistic Breakthroughs in your cells, your DNA, your perceptions, your emotions, your body, your systems…
and courageous actions…

that shift your biochemistry, your neuroplasticity, your focus, your mastery, your magnetism and your BEING.


No matter where you are or how you feel, now, it is the time for you if you are dealing with.


  • Losing your job, business or competition
  • Getting your next promotion or changing jobs
  • Stressful negotiations and competition
  • Managing teams and people
  • Toxic environments


  • Losing a loved one
  • Reconnecting with a loved one
  • A divorce
  • Saving a relationship
  • Discovering a new relationship


  • Burn out
  • Chronic fatigue and stress
  • Violent or traumatic event
  • Life crises
  • Disease and pain
  • Grief


  • 4 live 1:1 sessions or 1 half-day with Dr. Sofia Beloka
  • Preparatory Video material
  • Preparatory Audio retreat
  • E-book
  • Personal support with Q & A
  • Recordings of the live sessions with Unlimited access.
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$1444 USD Full Pay

or 3 x $590 USD Installments

Uncover Your SPECIFIC STORY, and the Keys to Eliminate Any Resistance to Your Success in ALL Areas of Your Life!

Believe in your potentials. You will be supported with solid solutions to break through fear, depression, people-pleasing, resentment, anger, intimidation, low self-esteem, guilt, shame or anxiety, and dependency you’d love to have stopped ‘running’ your life.

When you take your power back, create the metamorphosis you demand for your life fulfilment and you can help those who are important to you.

If you would love to take your personal or professional impact seriously.

If you would like to transform your current fears into inspiration to move on then make the wisest decision NOW by signing onto the Loveception.

Do not burn out your life.
Breakthrough your life. ​

What people say?

“Coming out of a very tough and often traumatic childhood, I was able to delude myself that I had overcome those challenges unscathed. However, as I progressed in age there were behavioural patterns that became persistently problematic. I tried to address these through personal development and shear force of will through my celebrity coaching. This was an attempt to force a change in behavior, without really understanding the root cause. Within the very first session with Sofia, she was able to ask the right questions, helping me identify origins of this pattern and therefore begin the work of resolving the issues that have been painful, as well as limiting throughout my adult life. The transformation was outstanding in my personal and professional life.”

BOBBY CAPPUCCIO; Celebrity, Author and Speaker – USA

Il y a plusieurs aspects qui sont importants pour moi quand je travail avec Sofia. D’abord l’aspect physique, je fais des choses specifiques qui sont bien pour mes muscles, ma flexibilité. Je sens une très grande amélioration au niveau physique, que j’ai plus mal. L’aspect mental, j’ai apris aussi que je peux faire mieux que je ne le crois. Que cela ne sert à rien de se mettre des limites, bien sûr il y en a, mais peut être plus loin que je le pense. Cela m’a servi aussi dans ma vie de tout les jours, a affronter plus sereinement les défis professionnels très présents cette année. Ces derniers mois j’ai eu bcp de changements et de travail grace a ce type de coaching avec Sofia. Cela prouve que malgré la pression et les responsabilités de mon nouveau post je peux intégrer faire attention à moi et que c’est essentiel pour bien travailler et vivre avec le moins de stress et le plus de bons gestes et habitudes posible. Et merci Sofia, tu es arriver à me faire avancer, et surtout d’avoir envie de continuer.

Isabel Cano; Vice President European Economic and Social Committee – SPAIN.

The goal of our sessions has been to maintain high-performance, negotiate on new contracts and develop resilience. As an entrepreneur, I have benefited from Sofia and I can recommend her for anyone who wants to understand oneself, build a career or life vision and work on one’s targets in a consistent way. What I admire at Sofia is the holistic approach as Coach – this is a unique characteristic that is not meant often in Coaches: someone that combines knowledge on physiology, the working of the body, psychology and energy management. Her energy and intuition is an additional element from which her clients can largely benefit.

Elissavet Lykogianni, PhD, Founder @ Square Dot Team – GREECE.

WHO is Dr Sofia Beloka Dr. Sofia Beloka is an Elite Performance and Executive Strategist. She has spend 20+ years working 1:1 with leaders; CEO’s, executives, politicians, Olympians and Paralympians who impact with their life’s work and their records.

While working in the most complex international companies and solving personal life challenges she quickly realized that most leaders think they have a stressful mindset or a strategy leadership problem in their lives or business. While their leading problem really is: a Performance problem.

Her intelligence is to offer the precise breakthrough in the exact domain where the true issue is, bring back their foundational inspiration without burning out their support teams so they become influential, visible and confident.

She is the founder of Elite Performance for Global Leaders Institute where she supports Elite Leaders create their solid foundational performance using the four pillars elite formula; Sensual Confidence, Focus, Mastery and Magnetic Communication; on negotiations, teams and career.