I’d love to invite you to apply for Greece Retreats where we go beyond healthy well-being, mindfulness, ideal relationships, business influence strategy and any surface of personal growth and breakthrough.

Lead and design your year through leaps and biohacking activations during 5 days intensive.

Kill the bonds that keeps your power away from what you cannot breakthrough.

Empty out what does not serve you and STOP seeking

Be independent of what blocks you to keep your physical energy consistent in personal and professional life.  Rapid Transformation modalities with daily rituals.

You’re doing great running your business and relationships day in, day out, task after task. But do you need a chance to pause and focus on the bigger picture on how to balance work productivity and personal life without burn out?

If you don’t ‘zoom out’ on the right time, you’ve got no idea where you are actually heading and you lose inspiration of your vision; if you stop being inspired, the others will lead your life and you will work for the values of others…life just takes you!

Does this sound ideal?!

I’d love to invite you to apply for my 2020 Greece Retreats where we go BEYOND strategies and work OR personal growth and breakthroughs.

If you’re thinking ‘YES PLEASE, I NEED THIS!’, don’t wait!
Spaces are almost limited so send me a message to apply.
You will be joining participants of the ‘Global Influence Academy’!

Spend one week in Greece @ the magical island of
Symi immersing yourself in transformation modalities and healing nature.


Olivia – Participant’s Quote


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