We have entered a new era in our approach to influencial leadership and global performance.


Go beyond the usual Leader Image, that shines outside but collapses in the inside!

If You always felt that you were here to play bigger and be on demand
Others tell you often that you have something special
Feel bored or afraid to stay where you are now
Then, You are in demand!

Let the world know, you have arrived! 

Now you know How to Act

Book your admission call here and we will take you for a life changing global journey of inspirational leadership! 

Today, true Global Leaders wake up… 

They realize that if they want to be genuinely influencial, inspiring, effective and bold smashing their performance in their negotiation arena’s it’s going to take more than connections, strategy adjustments, a “killer” media image or ‘wealthy CV’.

They want more!!! 

They do not want a temporary image when they are on the Leaders meetings around the Globe. They do not want only mental clarity for efficient agreements and decisions. They want liberation from boxes and protocols.… they want to feel what it means to be truly influencial, inspiring, leading the vision of high achievers on a global level creating a legacy that will last with authentic potentials to the world who has high demands by the people who influence the global decisions.

When your vision is to become a true Global Influencer you are required to make MAJOR changes on your foundational levels of mind and body connection, your physiology and psychology, your behavioral attitude, communication, connection, performance, influence and approach of the global issues.

If you are, or plan to become a Global Influencer, it’s vital to create your own established holistic influencial container where other global leaders can’t wait to join and co-create with you


is the word that clients use to describe their work with Dr Sofia Beloka.

It is because people dare to work with her when crises and fears bring their lives at the glassceiling. It is because she combines her long clinical academic career with extensive experience in her practice. She personally tried to overcome her own health crisis, created her unique methodologies Triad System and Loveception. She tested on elite athletes and leaders and her unique presence that inspires confidence, intimacy and trust.

Are you an ambitious expert in your domein having celebrated great milestones but now you feel you have reached a glassceiling?


Are you an elite performer with personal records but still you want to reach your gold records?


Do you care about reaching your maximal performance in your life, infuence the world with your service and still be happy in your personal relationships?


If you answered NO, to the above questions, this program is NOT for you.

Hi, I am Sofia Beloka PhD, Executive High Performance Mentor for elite performers and executives who still want to thrive for gold records in their carrers without sacrificing their personal relationships. The truth is that establishing a powerful and solid foundation of our performance in combination with a deep transformation of our relationships is the key to fulfill our potentials for everyone involved.

After working with hundrend of elite clients from 47 different countries, after clinical academic work and personal development, after working in competitive fields with the most complex international companies I have the proof that our inner positioning is the ultimate key to influence with our performance; collaborate with the best partners, be invited in this is the key to outer success and happiness, visibility and magnetism, confidence and productivity.


The Global Influencers Academy

This is my 12 MONTH Mastermind for powerful leaders that wish

  • To influence with their expertise on a global level,
  • To recharge deeper their foundation to biohack their performance,
  • To create the gold records they long for,
  • To activate their fulfilled potentials as an activated female and activated male,


To multiply their career records through their own inner design without sacrificing the relationships with those who count to them.


you are an established leader that desire to breakthrough your higher level of power, influence, healthy impact and receiving, now,


shift the inner positioning of yours and bring on board those who count around you to create outrageous results in your career and personal life.

I invite you into

The Global Influencers Academy VIP Full Package:

  • Twice monthly Hot Seat Mentoring Calls to focus on your negotiations, influence and recognition for your inner-positioning with outer results
  • Twice monthly Hot Seat Mentoring Calls to focus on your negotiations, influence and recognition for your inner-positioning with outer results
  • My eyes and hands all over your performance, your influence, your mindset, your conflicts at negotiations to give you the most effective and aligned strategy for your aim
  • Elite private online community for leaders, influential and exclusive networking and power-trainings between our calls
  • Bi weekly powerful trainings for massive expansions with your powerful romantic and social relationships

VIP Academy Member Package Includes:

  • Online Elite VIP Retreat trainings twice a year
  • 4 days Island Elite VIP Retreat for couples

Bonus 1 (20k value)

  • VIP Branding and Voice Training

Bonus 2 (15k value)

  • Elite Biohacking Physical & Health Coaching to biohack your healthy lifestyle and health issues

Bonus 3 (20k value)

You can expect:

  • New Gold records in your career by leaping into your true potentials; you stop compromising, you feel great at the top with the support of those who count
  • Collaborators, Clients and Prospects recognizing you for your impact in their lives and careers; you become visible of who you are as a whole personality, not just your job title.
  • Leading with your expertise from your own values without feeling controlled or following other's agendas as a servant; perfectly aligned and confident in your career without compromising your expectations to avoid hurt and please others.

What Makes the Global Influencers Academy Exclusive?

That's exactly what elite athletes and executive MBA's should be teaching; but they do not.

This is why I've created this powerful foundational MBA, to upgrade your clarity, your impact, your leading positioning and get into your gold records with full potential supported by those who count in your life.

You’re going to work with me personally on the calls.
My work and presence activates your next record, brings you confidence, balances relationships and turn your fears to motivation.

I am called the Crisis Doctor; not by chance. We work rapidly, deep and transformative within a supportive, vulnerable, confidential and trustful environment.

There are 5 people max in the group. Everyone has been hand-selected through an application process that fits an established group of leaders. The container that you absolutely need to skyrocket your records:

  • High-level inspiration
  • Powerful self confidence
  • Stellar team management
  • Action on the deep layers and priorities



BONUS 1: Your 90 minute 1:1 laser coaching session with me (Value $2000)

BONUS 2: Your VIP ticket to the Global Influencers in Athens day (value $10,000)

BONUS 3: Your 4 months of Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching (value $5000)

The investment for the VIP program with all VIP bonuses is:

The 12 months Universal Leadership Path that we Explore through the Global Influencers Academy

This is a customized month for each participant.
Graduation Closing Ceremony with the Retreat in Greece.​

NOW, it is action time!

Am I ready to step up for my Global vision?

What costs me to procrastinate on my Global legacy?

Am I ready to receive help and follow guidance? Am I ready to do whatever it takes to make a Global Impact?


If you answer is 

YES! I want to speak with you, Dr Sofia Beloka!

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