We have entered a new era in our approach to influencial leadership and global performance.


Go beyond the usual Leader Image, that shines outside but collapses in the inside!

If You always felt that you were here to play bigger and be on demand
Others tell you often that you have something special
Feel bored or afraid to stay where you are now
Then, You are in demand!

Let the world know, you have arrived! 

Now you know How to Act

Book your admission call here and we will take you for a life changing global journey of inspirational leadership! 

Today, true Global Leaders wake up… 

They realize that if they want to be genuinely influencial, inspiring, effective and bold smashing their performance in their negotiation arena’s it’s going to take more than connections, strategy adjustments, a “killer” media image or ‘wealthy CV’.

They want more!!! 

They do not want a temporary image when they are on the Leaders meetings around the Globe. They do not want only mental clarity for efficient agreements and decisions. They want liberation from boxes and protocols.… they want to feel what it means to be truly influencial, inspiring, leading the vision of high achievers on a global level creating a legacy that will last with authentic potentials to the world who has high demands by the people who influence the global decisions.

When your vision is to become a true Global Influencer you are required to make MAJOR changes on your foundational levels of mind and body connection, your physiology and psychology, your behavioral attitude, communication, connection, performance, influence and approach of the global issues.

If you are, or plan to become a Global Influencer, it’s vital to create your own established holistic influencial container where other global leaders can’t wait to join and co-create with you


You will learn how to:

✔ Awaken the legend inside you

✔ Keep the deep mental clarity

✔ How to use tension to create new innovative content

✔ Meaningful and less stress negotiations

✔ Emotional mastery and boosting

✔ Physical immunity

✔ Energy wealth

✔ Grow a global family that follows you

✔ Be a transformational leader with a global vision

✔ Serve with your message other high achievers you inspire

✔ Transform your life foundation

✔ NOT Burn out as a Global Influencer.

You will Get

✔ 12 months weekly Live trainings and High Transformational Mastermind calls

✔ Weekly Trainings by email keeping your accountability and program

✔ Personal profile software for personal Assessments, Questionnaires, Workouts, Workbooks

✔ VIP days

✔ Networking events

✔ LinkedIn and Facebook private community


✔ YOU create your Global Influencial Presence

✔ Inspire the Globe with Your Presence, Your Vision

✔ Inspire other Leaders & Organizations

✔ You make 5 figures months and 6 figures year

✔ You create fulfilling relationships that last

✔ You build health foundations that boost your energy and influence

✔ You function from the base you desire and inspires you best: Your Organization, Your business, Your Executive Coorporate position, Your family

✔ You chose and commit so that we help you to be inspired and transform what you desire to create, to build, to influence, to open your infinite unconditional power without fear and limitations.

Join Us New Business Launch Plan Concept

Start with €1000/month Subscription

To create your Global Influential Presence, inspire the Globe with your Vision and Inspire other Leaders


               Valued 10K

  • BRANDING & VOICE TRAINING 2 months program

                 Valued 12K


                 Valued 12K

You want to know how your year would look like within the Global Influencer Container?

Every week you will receive a new live masterclass with interactive content: theory and practice.

Every week you will receive by email clear step-by-step trainings on how to realize your weekly tasks to keep you on track and progress-creating activities,

Every week you will receive personal and group accountability, support and feedback to keep you accountable and motivated to keep up the good work.

You are required to implement all you are instructed and dare to act 100%

I will teach you how to be a fast action doer and creator

You are required to:

✔ Devote 2 hours per day 4 times per week on your Global Project
✔ Be ambitious,
✔ Be courageous,
✔ Dare to desire your vision,
✔ Be open to receive new teachings
✔ Implement on your tasks
✔ Celebrate yourself when you succeed
✔ Own your results, either when you succeed or you fail
✔ Act with willpower for your targets
✔ Not to give up when things do not go as expected
✔ Be focused on your vision

What if you fall off the wagon and get distracted with life, relationships, mindset issues?

What if you are not sure whether what you are doing is right or wrong?

What is you got stuck in the analysis-paralysis phase and seem not to break through?

✔ You will have me personally answering and giving you feedback in an inspiring group of experts and leaders of a global jetset like yourself TWICE PER WEEK as well as option to book your own VIP in person session with me any time through out the year.

✔ You have a highly engaged facebook group with support and cheer-up from your peers.

✔ I will also be doing Deep Dive Trainings

✔ You will have access to the recordings of all of the sessions and trainings for lifetime.

The 12 months Universal Leadership Path that we Explore through the Global Influencers Academy

This is a customized month for each participant.
Graduation Closing Ceremony with the Retreat in Greece.

NOW, it is action time!

Am I ready to step up for my Global vision?

What costs me to procrastinate on my Global legacy?

Am I ready to receive help and follow guidance? Am I ready to do whatever it takes to make a Global Impact?


If you answer is 

YES! I want to speak with you, Dr Sofia Beloka!

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