Flexibility in communication and in distance

Options for mentoring are available either in-person and online,

through a range of media (phone/email, Skype, Facebook, Gmail Hangout etc).


Typically, mentoring will be tailored to the individual or group being mentored. 

In the past, typical content has included topics as varied as: 

– exercise techniques and methodology
– program design 
– entrepreneurial and start up performance
– nutrition & lifestyle factors
– scientific research
– academic career or career after the Masters or the PhD
– business development internationally
– career counselling


Fees are based on individual or group mentoring 

From now till the rest of summer, welcome to 6 weeks ON LINE PERSONAL COACHING COURSE!

Enjoy 6 skypecall sessions from your comfort for 6 weeks on empowering yourself

to learn the 6 health principles that uplift your vitality, fitness, body, energy, mood, emotions, work focus, relationships, homeostasis, health.

Gain clarity on your priority and your values to find your personal mission.

If you wish to remain on track of your overall fitness during July and August.

If you think that in summer it is easier for you to make new beginnings.

If you are more relaxed in summer to absorve new methods and take action for yourself.

If you have more time now to take care of yourself.

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