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I look for clients who desire nothing less than an Olympian’s energy and success. Everyone is capable of this, if you chose to let your fears and what causes you to get sick behind. If you are able to show up for yourself and do the work, this application and my interview are meant for you.

2. DURING THIS PROCESS I AM INTERVIEWING YOU; Not the other way around 😉 !

If you are drawned into my space, you already know deep inside that you desire to work with me. You know it – I know it – Between us, we can be honest!


 I have a tone of qualifications and diplomas on the highest academic level and practice during the three decades I have been training. However, these do not matter at all; because the gift of health and life is priceless. I have learned this at a very young age from my own health disease that became my drive to my life purpose.

Therefore, my ideal clients are not put off by investing their money because their goals are their life’s purpose. There are plenty of  other coaches who are a lot cheaper. If my prices scare you off, that’s on purpose. Money is the last thing that keeps my Olympian clients from their non-negotiable goals regarding their health and life purpose. I do have many programs at lower prices, so if you are not a fit for my high end 1:1 package, there’s still hope.


20 years of back pain stopped after three sessions. Over 20 years of anxiety pills stopped in three weeks. Healing from burn out and back pain brought her way the ideal partner. From no sex life until 35 years old to having three partners to pick from, speaking to her exactly how she dream a partner would speak to her when she applied the fitness and lifestyle program that build the attitude ‘I am the catch’. Losing 14 kg, leaving a toxic marriage and a job promotion within 3 months. (Bobby, Anca, Ti). These kinds of “magic” are common in my presence; when you follow my advice to the max without excuses (ex. I had no time, it was so busy at work-Guess what you receive when you start using these excuses???!!!???) Because miracles are not a mystery.It’s the energetic science of physiology; and I am a physiologist of movement, thus energy!


Now that I’ve been a total selfish, I admit that I’m actually a lot of fun to work with. There’s more zen than suffering in my presence. There is a great relief and and a whole lot of celebration (because who ever does not make the time to celebrate; does not get the next epic results). I require you do work between calls that is kind of uncomfy…plus, I do not justify you if you have no time or you are too busy or how you feel about doing it. Our calls should be a priority on your agenda if you really invest because you desire breakthroughs!

Clients tell me that they attract people, situations, things, opportunities right away after they make the payment deposit that  continue up until our first session. After our first session major shifts occur that may even scare you as the energy required to change your life habits is very powerful and begins right away when you commit and invest – There are no excuses after that step!


Your answers below will help me determine what I have that can most serve you, and will help my team create the best solution for you. So, you and I may be talking soon. And if we don’t, you’re in very good hands within the Dr Sofia Beloka online space.


May your Global Wisdom cross our path,

Dr Sofia Beloka

“Coming out of a very tough and often traumatic childhood, I was able to delude myself that I had overcome those challenges unscathed. However, as I progressed in age there were behavioral patterns that became persistently problematic. I tried to address these through personal development and shear force of will through my celebrity coaching. This was an attempt to force a change in behavior, without really understanding the root cause. Within the very first session with Sofia, she was able to ask the right questions, helping me identify origins of this pattern and therefore begin the work of resolving the issues that have been painful, as well as limiting throughout my adult life. The transformation was outstanding in my personal and professional life.”

Bobby Cappuccio

Celebrity Coach, Author and Speaker – USA

“ I had quited my international career as ballet dancer due to an injury. When I started working with Sofia, I was shocked when I discovered that my own perception that ‘I was not a good dancer’ was diminishing my self confidence while connecting to people and situations that were telling me that ‘ I am not good enough’. I could not realize how physically exhausted, chronically fatigued and injuries I had due to my perceptions. Working with Sofia my life got transformed. Now I am dancing again at the International Brussels Academy and pursuing my psychology degree. Sofia taught me that there is not ‘this…or..this’ but there is ‘this..and….this’. I am astonished of having had turned my life around and the chance to meet such a beautiful, luminous soul. Thank you Sofia!”

Laetitia Vanderijst

International Ballet Dancer - Belgium

“Sofia is such a powerful and amazing soul! I love the work that she does, specially because she brings healing from three different angles and levels, which makes it very holistic and global approach.”

Dihessa Bodjona

Energy Field in Business, Coach – USA

“Every page of her book, every aspect of her personality is packed with wisdom addressed to the people who are the leaders in their field. In taking care of business, corporations, hundreds and thousands of people in our care, we can easily forget to recharge.

Dr. Sofia Beloka skillfully guides you through a process of quick recovery, to the place where you can find your new breath, energy to move forward, continue with the important work that you do in the world.

Her dedication to being an ambassador of health, and her extensive research and masterful approach to body-mind-hart fitness gives you the most needed boost. Going through the exercises will really make a transformative difference. And her client’s cases will inspire you to look inwards and at last find that balance between your work, career and your life.

Thank you Dr. Sofia Beloka for sharing your wisdom with us!”

Lira Kay

International Bestselling Author, Mentor of Coaches and Founder of School Of Inspired Life - USA

Il y a plusieurs aspects qui sont importants pour moiquand je travail avec Sofia.

D’abord l’aspect physique, je fais des choses specifiques qui sont bien pour mes muscles, ma flexibilité.

Je sens une très grande amélioration au niveau physique, que j’ai plus mal. L’aspect mental, j’ai apris aussi que je peux faire mieux que je ne le crois. Que cela ne sert à rien de se mettre des limites, bien sûr il y en a, mais peut être plus loin que je le pense. Cela m’a servi aussi dans ma vie de tout les jours, a affronter plus sereinement les défis professionnels très présents cette année. Ces derniers mois j’ai eu bcp de changements et de travail grace a ce type de coaching avec Sofia. Cela prouve que malgré la pression et les responsabilités de mon nouveau post je peux intégrer faire attention à moi et que c’est essentiel pour bien travailler et vivre avec le moins de stress et le plus de bons gestes et habitudes posible. Et merci Sofia, tu es arriver à me faire avancer, et surtout d’avoir envie de continuer.

Isabel Cano

Vice President European Economic Committee

After moving from London to Brussels I was in high need for an expert who could handle injuries on a very high level. Since my early thirties I have a really bad back because of degenerated discs. Sofia has a very positive work attitude and tries to get the best results out of you not only on physical, but also metnal and emotional level which I was ignoring for so many years. She is the real thing a very classy lady ! I can’t remember i had one day with back pain since working with her. She approach the problem both physically ( working out, lifestyle ) but also mentally and emotionally. She is very helpfull in telling you the truth, we mostly ignore to see, which gives you a lot of other benefits in all aspects of your life. Working with Sofia is a delight you can’t get any better !!

René Goosens

Interior Designer, Nederlands

” I was suffering from chronic back pain that was decreasing my work performance and my mood severely. I had received physiotherapy, accupuncture, massage until I realized that what I had tried did not work immediately or for long. It was not until I had decided to take seriously responsibility of my pain if I wanted to hold my high position. Until I was recommended to Sofia, I thought my back pain was just back pain. I finally could transform my back pain challenge as my new way to boost my professional status and image that was seriously dropped due to my inability to work which had also led me to addictions. Now I live a new phase of my life’’.

European Commission, Director of Cabinet-Brussels, Belgium

Before working with Sofia, I was feeling bad for being dyslexic, exhausted, not having purpose in life. Since starting my coaching with Sofia Beloka, I’ve noticed tremendous improvements with my levels of concentration, ability to manage anxiety and stress and as a result has assisted my overall outlook and self-confidence. My decision making and interactions with others is transformed as I work on a holistic level for my health, relationships, professional and finance. I manifested work promotion and got out of a toxic professional environment supported by Sofia’s unique program. I am now authentic and express my real self. All these impressive benefits, one would not expect -yet this is all very much the case! Sofia is an expert, thoughtful and dynamic expert. She brings a wealth of experience tailoring sessions to the individual needs to the clients. Every time I leave my sessions with her I dive in a renewed sense of energy and greater physical dynamic.

Kyriakos Tsikandylakis

European Commission, Olaf

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