”Ready to turn your Health Challenge into your powerful tool?
How to be Healthy, Wealthy, Loving and Career Fit?
Why your best fitness program is the one of Body-Mind-Heart?”

Established in the fitness industry since 1999 as a professional, and since childhood as a sportswoman, I have been in constant research (whether as an academic or simply a curious human being) for better training and fitness methods. Further to that, through my position as a Wheelchair Rugby classifier and Development Commissioner in Europe, I have witnessed many different issues, and, most importantly, ways to overcome them.

One day someone inspired me and taught me that my health fitness was not only about my hard exercise routine. It was also about how I eat, how I sleep, how I breathe, how I think, not what I say I’ll do but what I really act on doing.

Living healthily is the key to our fitness. My tools in this holistic approach, both for personal use, as well as in my career, are the analysis of biomechanics, in-depth understanding of functional anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology, strength, conditioning, energy levels, fat %, cardio-respiratory function, from a clinical and practical point of view.

I, myself, am a long-distance runner (Marathon runner in the past), Cross-Fitter, former 100m- hurdles athlete.

My mission is to help you use your health challenge as your power tool to get health,wealth, love and career success.

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“I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, and under a lot of stress… It was very easy to build a trust relationship with Sofia, which is I think the most important thing when working with someone. Now, I feel much more energetic, started dancing again, and I am loving it, and I am much less stressed about food. I am beyond grateful and quite confident I will be working with Sofia again in the future. I am astonished of having had the chance to meet such a beautiful, luminous soul.
Thank you Sofia!”

Belgian professional ballet dancer

“Sofia has been a good friend for 8 years now. A year ago, after a tough injury while skiing, she also became my coach. Her positive spirit, techniques, guidance and professionalism were vital to my re-education, as well as motivated me to get back on track with all my activities. Thank you, Sofia!”

UX/UI designer, all-terrain alpine skier & long distance trail runner

“I’ve learned a tremendous amount about fitness and nutrition working the program with Sofia. I’m not just working hard when training. I’m applying what she’s taught throughout each day.”

Phil Compton

“I am so happy that I made the decision to start this program to help me achieve my goals. My attitude towards life has made a huge turn around; I feel for the first time that I really can achieve my goal.”

Janine Hill

“Sofia is very knowledgeable with the industry and has been a great motivator to me! I am pleased with the results of the program. It is a good feeling to see changes in my body every time I work out with guidance from my trainer!”

Matt King