"What we achieve inwardly, will change outer reality."



Established in the fitness industry over 10 years ago, HeAlthΩ In Coaching training has made a name for itself through our personal training results, as well as teaching ability. Our trainers have experience working with children right through to the elderly, and everybody in between. We communicate and motivate exceptionally well, and have the skills and the knowledge to help anyone achieve their personal goals.Sofia practices the analysis of biomechanics, strength, conditioning, energy levels, fat %, cardio-respiratory function, from a clinical and practical point of view as she holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology.

As CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Exercise Coach specialists we use high standards for in-depth understanding of functional anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology taking a holistic approach as she treats the body as a whole for each individual.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Exercise Coach approach include a combined and intensive study of the relationship between exercise, food routine, recovery time and lifestyle habits, the tools to recognize and create individualized exercise, metabolic type eating plans to improve their client’s health and overall wellness. In addition, the clients are coached on the important roles that sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques, and exercise play in improving their health and learn practical methods that initiate valuable lifestyle changes.

Sofia is herself a Long Distant/Marathon Runner, Cross Fitter, former 100m hardles, Wheelchair Rugby classifier and Development Commissioner in Europe


My mission is to help you to reach your health, your daily best energy and your sport performance pain free, so you can enjoy a more productive, fulfilling and happier life every day.


You can manage everything you believe, I can support you unfold that great version of yourself.

Enjoy the Benefits

Look Better! Lose weight, Shed bodyfat, Gain weight, Build muscle, Shape your body, Enhance your physique, Improve posture, Improve movement grace

Feel Better! Relieve Stress, Increase energy, Enhance Relaxation, Rehabilitate injuries, Achieve Vibrant Health, Gain Vitality

Function Better! Run faster, jump higher, and perform at your peak in your Sport, Maximise your daily strength, Improve your Work performance and go home feeling fresh, Dance up a storm, Improve your digestion, nutrition and eating habits, Enhance Libido and sexual performance

“I’ve learned a tremendous amount about fitness and nutrition working the program with Sofia. I’m not just working hard when training. I’m applying what he’s taught throughout each day.”

Phil Compton

“I am so happy that I made the decision to start this program to help me achieve my goals. My attitude towards life has made a huge turn around; I feel for the first time that I really can achieve my goal.”

Janine Hill

“Sofia is very knowledgeable with the industry and has been a great motivator to me! I am pleased with the results of the program. It is a good feeling to see changes in my body every time I work out with guidance from my trainer!”

Matt King